Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Peoria Journal Star - More Forgotten Headlines

August 20,2012 headline, "Housing Agency Closes Amid Mystery". To my knowledge, no further news was published in the JS about this mystery. I did see some type of legal action published this summer in the County newspaper. This "mystery" was never any great mystery to me as I published on this site many years ago that there "appeared' to be some things that were not proper with Pioneer Civic Services, which included lack of any apparent financial or any transparency. Back then, HUD, didn't seem to be concerned. Possibly some whistle-blower, finally got this body, that should be totally reorganized, attention and HUD finally stopped funding after funding over $4 million between 2002 and 2012. Was HUD guilty of the padding of someone or ones individual pocketbooks? Expect frauds to be "a dime a dozen" in the public, as well as many in the private sector. As has often been suggested, if you are going to steal other people's money, think big, as the penalties are usually worse for the smaller criminal acts. Or even misdemeanors. No, I've never been convicted of anything, except bad judgment many times. I probably just wanted to join the local crowd and with the thousands of politicians such as Aaron and Ray.

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