Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Why I would Vote For the Donald - Part 2 of a Series

If he would stop being such a blowhard and retract about 25% of what he says. Convince our local understaffed newspaper to hire or have volunteers to cover Peoria County, Peoria City Council, Peoria Park District, PRM, etc. full board and committee meeting so that the community folks that care, would know more about what is going on. Maybe re-quote some people like the departed Jim Richerson wrote that the Peoria RiverFront Museum "would be the legacy of our generation". Or present City Councilman and former TEACHER was quoted as saying the USA was "never an imperialistic nation". Or re-quote Budget Analyst and latter County Treasurer, Tripp O'Conner, who said in a County meeting on May 31, 2007, that he "did NOT see a risk in lending FireFly $3 million dollars". Or what Dick Durbin, Ray LaHood, Jim Ardis, Aaron Schock (Schock suggested that Peoria would become the next Silicon Valley) August 13, 2008, JS, Steve Tarter reporting. The JS Editorial Board chimed in on 5/22/07 printing that "FireFly's Promise Trumps (no, not the Donald) Pitfalls". National City regional Doug Stewart President said that if "we are going to hit our first home run (echoing Schock) FireFly is the closest thing we got". The same now departed Doug Stewart said that the PRM would be a huge riverfront success. He was right in sAying that the PRM would need a $16 million Endowment (it has never come CLOSE) No wonder financials are a poor investment these days. And our Peoria County Board Chairman was quoted in the JS on 6/10/2007 as saying, "I see FireFly as one of the safest loans we could make. If I had the money, I'd make it myself". And David Leitch teamed up with Dick Carver saying that "FireFly was the most exciting thing to happen in Peoria since the building of the Civic Center" You may recall, Leitch was a proud and stalwart supporter of the PRM. You may recall that FireFly went 'kaput' as I tried to warn all that this would "probably" happen (DUMBASS ME) as I said, being a businessman who struggled for years because I did not have the banks lending me money I needed because the "DIDN'T THINK A FARMBOY COULD SUCCEED. MY NAME IS STILL ON THE COMPANY I CREATED AGAINST ALL ODDS 52 years later; that they needed as a starter at LEAST $200 million for marketing, a very competent sales organization, production facilities, distribution channels, etc. And a commitment to manufacturer the batteries in Peoria County. I you want to know what our leaders said about FireFly, get a copy of the JS date 6/10/2007. You see, Donald, I have copies of all the broken promises made to Peoria taxpayers over the past 20 years or so. But if the local newspaper likes you, they would NEVER go back and elaborate on failures of the 'those who know better than the dumbass voter who does his or her research'. Unless they needed a whipping boy like Ardis and Schock. Replace the Fed with something that really works. Backoff on so many insults and present more provable facts. Admit you can't return 11 million of so illegals to where they came from. And surely you know that not all of them are from Mexico. Promise to read my blogs on illegal immigration that was more reasonable but needed a lot more finessing. Enough for tonight. Remember, I'm an old fart who should be in a nursing home. I also know you nor any other new President will be able to change the downward slide toward Socialism. So, as usual, special interests and a whole bunch of people who have little idea of what is going on in the world, will decide who will try to lead us back to some sembilense of sanity


Merle Widmer said...

Vonster, I tried double spacing but it didn't work. Thanks anyway. Right now I have too many irons in the fire to spend much time researching and blogging but I have a boxes of Peoria history of facts that never appeared in any media and some appeared but were quickly forgotten.

Still, one can put FireFly on my search bar and much of what I printed tonight will be found in several of my older blogs. But most people don't even know the history of or never heard of FireFly and it's cost to many business people and of course the taxpayer although the money came from the Keystone deal with the state that few remember. I suspect some of that $10 million went into the PRM or Heddington Oaks. Patrick was good in the manipulation of money as to where it came from and where it went.

Sorry, I'm helping a friend move tomorrow do nitey, nite.

I've got a ton of blogging material but can't do it by myself. all I need is paid help.Maybe a student studying Jornalisn, Any help there Terry B?

Merle Widmer said...

so instead of do. Sorry.