Thursday, September 10, 2015

Why I Would Vote For the Donald - Part 3

Arrest President Obama, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton as starters and charge them with being accomplices to murder. I know you can't do this nor can any other new president. That's why I now predict that 20 years from now this country will be run by a Dictator, hopefully one tough but benevolent. Those kind are hard to find. Maybe the most notable being Tito or Flash Gordon. Stop certain ethnic groups from breeding like rabbits further increasing an unemployed underclass who become more supportive of government dependency and Socialism. Thus voting for any Democrat. Donald, are you aware that if you are one of this multitude you vote for Democrats even if you never remember or heard of their name? Donald, I know you can't do these things and that is why I won't vote for you or send you my $5. Also, could you stop people from saying the very trite statement "have a good day". Also, get the lousy black leaders who start organizations like "Black Lives Matter". One wag printed it out eliminating the "v'. Hmmmmm And by the way, y'all, have a good day. And, no my software doesn't permit me to do paragraphs anymore. Old blogs I could. Ever since I dealt with and overpaid at Nerds on Call, using my computer is a chore. That's why I use it less. Do I hear clapping in the background?? And, Donald, have you ever heard of a white guy being tackled by police in error. Why, this incident will be more seen in print and on TV than Roger Federer winning the USO? (I'm speculating but I've studied the facts. Of, course, he could have a bad day or get tackled by a black policeman as tennis rackets could be considered unlawful weapons by Obama, Durbin and all wimps or future Dictator wannabees) Could you throttle one third of the journalists and fire one fourth of the people who didn't fit anywhere in any society, so they studied journalism taught by extreme liberals or joined our security services? Please, promise by crossing your heart, that you will do these things and I'll reconsider you. Have a nice day of did I already say that? I apologize to all of you who just lost your job, had your loan you needed desperately, turned down, your dog died,your spouse just ran off with the plumber or plumberette, were robbed, raped, tackled by a cop, fondled by a cop, I was in Sarasota, twice while being held in a holding cell for an alleged offense I didn't commit. Anyway, like I said, you know, have a nice day, Donald.

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