Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Community Word Comments by Moslem Imam Kamil Mufti

"Facts refute Muslim terrorist narrative: reveal right-wing, anti-government extremism", the Imam writes. While I cannot dispute his figures, I must point out that the statistics he points out, are mainly individuals angry, most mentally disturbed, acting on their own and not a growing terrorist unified group. Muslim terrorists operate under the umbrella of Allah and Mohammad. (Muhammad) They also operate under the latest revision of the Koran (Qu-ran) with a common purpose of destroying the infidel and our way of life.

While Muslim terrorists may and do sometimes act on their own, these terrorists all owe their allegiance to a mainly ISIS lifestyle style of government in the Americas', Europe, Africa. Asia and the Mid-East..There aim is to destroy the infidel, either by force or by numbers. In all ways, they appear to be winning.

Also, considering the Civil War, it's ferocious battles were between the Industrial and Abolition North and the slave holding farming South. The war ended with the North (many high school "students" do not know this or even care) winning, and while their are still small fringe groups who still believe in seceding, they do not constitute a growing threat to this mostly united country we still live in today. Even the most radicals among small groups, do not ask for a return to slavery. (Slavery did not start in the United States as any student SHOULD know).

The Imam cites mostly attacks by US citizens against US citizens, by mentally crazed  individuals who believe abortion is a mortal sin and operate outside the laws of this country. The Supreme Court sees it differently and Roe and Wade has not been overturned no matter how frenzied those who oppose abortion, act.

The Imam cites the KKK as having 5 to 8 thousand ,members Their membership has been on the decline for over 100 years while attacks by Muslims, swearing allegiance to Allah, are on the greatest increase of any radicals in the world.

His column did not deserve front page in the CW but CW is a Democrat newspaper that is wont' to blame the Republicans for all the world's problems. This paper believes very strongly in diversity even if this means possibly a pilot flying an airplane who is not qualified.

Sorry, Muslim or Moslem Imam Kamil Mufti, your "facts" must be considered half-truths by the intelligent reader. I hope you do not teach at any University.

Are there good Muslims? I am not stupid. But I note their absence at almost all sporting events, council and County Board meetings, etc.And as a whole, I do not see their condemnation of  Muslim acts of terrorism. But I do see them constantly referring to to Muhammad's original Koran writing rather than the interpretations of many latter day terrorist or would be terrorist, Muslims.

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