Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Peoria, Il. - More Consultants Keep Pouring Into Peoria

To satisfy Councilwoman, Denise Moore, a largely Democrat or Democrat thinking Peoria City Council will invite Obama's, "Strong Cities, Strong Communities" for a substantial fee, plus all expenses, of course. Moore says. this will not be another plan we will put on the shelf".

Of course not. There is no more room on the shelves, nor space in the room. And of course, again, all this plans are microfilmed with copies sent to the State of  Illinois, who can't pay their bills, 8 billion behind at last report. Why microfilm? The state does not have room to store hard copies and the state needs the records when Peoria asks for more money from another "going bankrupt" state, perhaps beating Pennsylvania to the punch.

Only about four requests have been made to me as to how I took $2500 and built an $11 million company with little bank assistance. Two blacks asked me if I could help them run or start a business. I agreed. Both conversations were short. When I asked how I could help, one woman said all she needed was money. The other said he needed money but no way would he replace his bookkeeper who was his wife.

As a businessman and politician, a resident since 1964 and an activist since 1992,I could tell you what is wrong in Peoria. In fact, I have been telling my reader thru my blogs and my 30 some "Letters to the JS Editors". I did considerable social work on the south side being on the board of several groups. involved in youth sports, and a leader in condemning vacant buildings, trying to get the procedure speeded  up. I have driven thousands of mile down bad streets with no sidewalks, adults spending their days sitting on their porches during workdays, reading the unemployment figures from the south side.  Made several visit's in thee past 12 months to watch the Boys and Girls Club deteriorate with incompetent leadership and program instructors. (How many of the 19 B &G Board members were aware the the Grinnell Street headquarters, the only location with a gym was closed 4 month last year at a time when kids where mainly OUT OF SCHOOL?).

No wonder, we lead the state in reported STD"s.

I spend 5 mainly useless years on groups like the Homeless Coalition and the Youth Council Group..

Then Pastor Jim Offutt, a nice person, writes, "Can't figure out why white evangelical support for Trump". So who would he support that can win? Ben Carson, because he is black, (can't win) the corrupt and lying Cintons', Cruz (can't win) Socialist Bernie or maybe, Obama, if he can cause a situation where he could try to govern for another 4 years??

Pastor Offutt writes, "remember folks, that if you've lost your country as you say, and want to take it back, then you will have to take it back from yourselves. (That's why Trump has a resounding lead, supported mainly by the "little people") From  the (lies of the Obama's and the Clinton's), the hypocrisy, the hatred, the injustice and the many other unacknowledged and unrepentant sins to which to which you sold youur soul".

He is talking to people like me when he should be talking to his flock, the parents or parent of 3-4 failed generations and a few of the socialistic people who teach them,, now ruining our our public education systems in large and medium sized communities.

The problems of SouthTown are not going to be solved by more consultants.But it looks good in the news.

Sorry folks, just like Trump, if elected, could not turn this country around in even 4 years. Neither can ANY Republican or Democrat candidates and a host of outside consultants, change SouthTown from being basically SouthTown in 2020.

Illinois Governor Rauner, a huge business success, is learning that when you have socialist Democrats like Mike Madigan and Company and belligerent union bosses, blocking his every move, isn't going to save Illinois from bankruptcy in the not too distant future

Being politically incorrect, I say "Rots of Ruck"..

As the JS "Democrat"says, blame the Republicans. I can say, blame the Democrats moreso.

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