Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Jim Nowlan - Who Wrote the title For His Opinion in the JS??

"Rauner doesn't seem to know what he's doing" Since people don't read much anymore headlines are sufficient. Rauner can't approve a budget that moves Illinois one more step toward bankruptcy. And Nowlan's opinion , if one reads it, does not place all the blame on Governor Bruce Rauner.

It takes years to correct the wrongs of a state that is high on the list of reasons for failure. I quote from the January issue of the Peoria Chronicle:

Illinois is the only state where the majority of residents pay taxes in three layers of general purpose local government: municipalities, townships and counties That contributes to Illinois residents paying the second highest level of property taxes ( I wrote several blogs on this subject years ago) per market value of their homes at 2.32%.

Illinois is the fourth highest state and local communications tax rate.

Illinois is the fifth highest combined state and local gasoline tax excise tax rate. Remember the politician who wants to raise our gasoline taxes higher that raise the taxes on vehicles that don't use gas and thus do not contribute their fair share for highway maintenance.

Illinois is one of seven states that charge a general sales tax in addition to gasoline excise tax rate.

Illinois is the eighth local tax collection per capita.

Illinois has the 10th highest local combined state and local sales tax rate.

Illinois has the 13th highest state and local tax as a percentage of personal income.

These figures come from a lengthy study by "The Task Force on Local Consolidation and Unfunded Mandates" requested by Governor Rauner. The Democrats are already saying that this extensive study will wind up on the shelves along with all the other reports over the years turned down by Democrats that would save this once great State from bankruptcy.

27 recommendations, all cost cutting are in this task force report. How many will even be considered, let alone passed. How about maybe one or none.

The study also recommends all public projects bidders must pay the union prevailing wage to their employees. Which political party do you think put that stupid law into action? One guess is all you get but it starts with a D.

Maybe the Supreme Court will forcee Illinois to become a "right to work state". Even the Republicans are afraid of this one. But Florida, a right to work state may be the fastest construction building state in the nation. They say construction is going on like crazy in even Naples.

Elimination of Townships will probably never happen as most Townships are controlled by Democrats and provide tidy incomes and pensions to thousands. Some Townships do provide services not available through some counties, but these services could by changes in the laws, be enfolded into county government.

Yeah, so it's all Rauner's fault when he has been on the job a short time and this featherbedding has been built in Illinois governments for many decades.

Some people wish I would leave Illinois and I agree. If I didn't have an alcoholic, depressive, reclusive, and hoarding wife who is not going to leave our oversize house; Alcoholism is a disease that she if reluctant to have treated. I care for her well-being and worry about what will have to her when I am gone. We never had mortgage payments or lack of money to worry about,  I would have been gone years ago.Yet, I still blog about government and politicians deficiencies as I still do live here most of the time.

You don't make many friends among those "who control the gfold

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