Monday, January 18, 2016

Ban Trump From Visiting the UK??

How many of the estimated 500,000 who signed the petition to ban Trump first, 2nd of third name, included the name Muhammad?? Britain is being overrun with Middle East immigrants and illegals who have few skills and a biased education. Trump does not want to ban all Muslims. He wants to be on a more intense lookout for those who "would kill the infidel" if given the opportunity.

Trump is also aware that Muslims multiply 3-4 times faster than Anglo-Saxons or Caucasians. So if only 7% of a multitude are dis-loyal to this country or the UK, as they are already in France and soon Germany and the Netherlands, etc.,  we are all in big trouble. Trump, not politically correct, is not afraid to say what un-biased fact seeking people think.

That he offends a lot of poor thinkers, sobeit. He appears to be exciting a majority.

Hope you saw his speech today at Liberty College. That he perhaps stretched the truth of the number of U.S. companies that have left the U.S., he no more stretches the truth than any common politician. His point is, too many. Just like the number of wealthy Peorians have a 2nd home in states like Florida, where if they live one day past half a year, they pay no State of Illinois income tax.

That is a fact. I know a few of them personally.


Merle Widmer said...

Belgium is already being named by many as Belgianstan. In 30 years, they way Muslims multiple by birth rate, conservative estimates indicate there will be over 50 million Muslims in the United States. The master plan is to destroy our great nation by numbers.

And yes, most of them already believe in their latest interpretations of the Qu-ran. Also, if you read any Islam history, their method, when they cannot do it by forcc like they are doing in Syria and Iraq, do it by deceit.

Is Obama a Muslim. He has stated he is. Answer: Is the Pope Catholic?

Merle Widmer said...

"the" not "they". Sorry, I need to proof read before I post.