Thursday, January 14, 2016

Trump Was Mostly Correct on People Cheering as the Twin Towers Collapsed

After 3 hours of researching my 9/11 files I came across this article in USA TODAY, dated September 13, 2001. The heading is "Palestinian leaders try to repair image. Efforts include threats to the media". The article reads as follows:

"Palestinian leaders moved Wednesday too repair the political damage done by news footage of Palestinians celebrating in the streets after hearing of Tuesday's terror strikes in the USA.
To avoid an international backlash new medias were called and told the safety of their staffs could not be guaranteed unless they WITHDREW the embarrassing footage of Palestinian police firing joyfully in the air.such threats appeared to succeed in suppress immediate release of videos showing LARGE street celebrations in Ramallah, Bethlehem and other West Bank towns.

But even after much prompting in Arabic, to stay on the message, ordinary Palestinians were UNABLE  to stifle their pleasure at America's downfall.

Even Israelis said the the terror strikes could wake up America of what they go through every day of their lives. (As i write this article, suicide bombing, outright killing of Israelis by Palestinians is increasing weekly).

Former US Secretary of State, Lawrence Eagleburger hinted that the U.S. might have to adopt measures similar to Israel's. "This is really a war with terrorism, and we need to prepare to act if we are at war. And that does not mean that you strike back only at those you know were the perpetrators of this thing". Khali Abu Laban, said that the 'friend of your enemy, is your friend'. I am against killing of innocents but Americans are bad. This is good for us Palestinians.'"

After Googling "are Palestinians Muslims?", well, if you are interested, it is better if you Google it and see the answers. Figuring the latest Palestinians population in the U.S.A.,even if only 7% were POTENTIAL terrorists, that is a massive number. I know there was celebrating by U.SA. haters, some from rooftops, here in some large cities. I have that info somewhere in my extensive files but I cannot find it.
I try not to paint every ethnic group or religion with a broad brush because I know that the overwhelming majority of Palestians in the U.S.A. are loyal to this country. But they have not forgotten their homeland. which is contrary to my dad who as a baby,fled from Switzerland with his parents and sister, saying, "that if it wasn't good enough for my parents, it's not good enough for me.

And he never returned even though his siblings offered to pay.

Now I see that POTUS has agreed to take more people ALL supposedly fleeing for their lives, it increases my decision to vote for Trump who will by the power of his personality put a stop to some of this traitors actions and reverse all those that are not in the best interests of those who can still clearly.

And no, I have never bought a lottery ticket.

Hmmmm. .

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