Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Illinois - Governor Election Will Not Save State From Further Despair

While I will vote for the Republican and hold my nose - If the Democrat is re-elected, I'll lie to people I meet and tell them I'm from Wisconsin, Indiana or Nevada. After the election this state under any circumstances will still be a state run by the powerful public unions and it their elected supporters, largely Democrats like our local big-spending Dave Koehler and the Chicago Mafia like Madigan and Emanuel. Some large corporations may benefit by the election of Brauner and Caterpillar might "get more goodies" for staying in Illinois and feel better about building their new headquarters in the spaces in Peoria I;ve already predicted.

For those of us who still own property here and haven't transferred our taxing address to Florida, can only look forward to higher taxes with less benefit accrued from being further over-taxed or having all fees and fines increased. The uncounted  unemployed will gradually surface showing more people living in poverty and on other government subsidies. The influx of more illegal intruders will overload all social services including education and prisons, some prison employees are already making over $200,000.00 a year, this figure bloated by overtime. In turn, further bloating are already bloated pension systems.

So sad.

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