Thursday, January 28, 2016

Headline on Iowa Debate is What the Media is Expert At - Half-Truths

"Candidates (Republicans, of course) attack each other on policy issues". I don't know what debate they were watching but I am sure they (MSN) had the headlines prepared BEFORE the debate.

Of course there is always some difference between candidates of the same party view points. That's why we call the U.S.A. a Republic and most call this country a Democracy. Candidates have a right in a public discussion to show how they differ. I would hardly call  the discourse as ATTACKING each other personally.

What a bunch of jokers. Few reporters I read in the local media or other,medias, could hold a high ;level job with a successful private enterprise. I've said that before.

Yes, there have been personal attacks. But I didn't see any tonight that would prompt that kind of a headline.   Challenges on issues and past statements, yes. Cheap shots by the media goes with the territory as in the case of Megan Kelly who doesn't like Trump and vice-versa.

I don't care for Megan either. Thinks she is hot stuff because of her looks and she plays a major role with a TV station. with a large audience. Trump is who he is and knows what  this wobbly country needs after the destruction wrought by Obama.

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