Tuesday, January 12, 2016

President Barack Hussein Obama's Speech Left Me Speechless

The only words I can say after listening to this charismatic demagogue is, "do as I say because I don't do as I say.".

Wall Street is the source of all evil. Sure, then so are community Socialist activists and Socialist teachers.

 If you don't believe in climate change.......the same bs we hear every day.....Of, course, people with any intelligence know that starting when the earth was forming, the climate is in a constantly changing process. .

How many of the people who voted him into office know that 10,000 years ago, an Arctic glacier extended south to a few miles north of Peoria?  If they did know these facts, maybe they believe that Cat, Keystone and Wall Street caused the glacier to retreat back north because of the pollution they caused. Or did his voters know that in the 1500's, Europe went through what was known as the "little Ice Age"

Protect us he says. Dear God. And he calls all wanting to come to America, "immigrants" No immigrant is illegal to him. He knows that 90% of illegals when granted voting rights, vote Democrat. Perhaps the Republicans will take a deep breath and nominate and elect politically incorrect,sometimes belligerent, and sometimes arrogant,  Donald Trump, who is at least exposing the facts he sometimes exaggerates,  to cut through the bull shit ruining our country. Trump may be all these things but can people who can think imagine Hillary or Bernie as our president?

Get out and vote, he tells the nation. But shouldn't the voters at least know some facts about the people getting their vote other than the fact the he or she is a Democrat????

Obama believes that our economy is not in trouble. Maybe he should ask Caterpillar stockholders how they feel about the economy.

Yes we are a great nation but not the "great" nation of my generation precisely because of the majority of "D" and "F" grade politicians trying to lead us.

Good grief!

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