Monday, January 04, 2016

Trump and the "Stringent Vetting of Muslims Traveling to and From the U.S.A."

While all the Trump haters including Fox TV screamed the Headline, "Trumps Bans ALL Muslims", they, of course, left out the most important of Trump's words,. "until they can be properly vetted".
Yes, I still support, perhaps more strongly, Donald Trump to be the next President of the U. S. A Stop reading now if the truth hurts you which I know it does many of my readers who hate me but are fearful of using their name or names and are know by "Anonymous".

My preceding posts give you some of the most important reasons why. My support sometimes wavers because I know that Trump is over-zealous in his rhetoric. But then I realize Trump is the only candidate who does not even make an effort at being politically correct. Many of us realize that being "politically correct" is a major cause of the downward slide of this once really great nation.

I write this as the stock market, which affects most of us, had the greatest sell-off since 2008 and the Nasdaq and the S&P had at one time today, the greatest opening year sell-off since 2001.


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