Monday, December 21, 2015

Peoria, Il. A HoneyPot for Out of Town Consultants

Maybe one of our local medias will research the total amount of dollars spent by our public bodies on consultants in the last decade. I know Patrick Urich' buddy, Lyle Sumek from Florida, has made a tidy sum over the past approximately 15 years. Rumor is that Sumek helped Urich get his first management position and Urich never forgot.

Don't misunderstand me. Both Urich and Sumek are nice guys. But the "good old boys and girls club" is bringing this country to the point that people are strongly supporting a personality such as Donald Trump. But don't forget, the voters also still support Blago in jail, Chaley Rangel, who should be and dozens of others, like Obama, who are helping bring massive debt to the citizens.

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