Monday, September 25, 2017

Respect the Flag of Our Country?

Many of you black athletes don't? Then "get on a bus, forget about us" and take the millions you made here, go to Somalia or all the places in Africa where our money, now yours, can be put to better use and get the Hell out of OUR country. Black athletes and all your loving fans, 98% white fan in the stands. Interesting. If you fans can afford the ridiculous prices being charged to enter and pay the ridiculous prices for concessions, the prices that make these athletes all millionaires for life than you fans must have a lot of money also. 50% of you fans show NO respect when our National Anthem that should unite us is played. Protesters believe they are helping the oppressed. Then give the oppressed at least half of what you earn. Protesting; especially by black multi-millionaires, at athletic events to which many people are addicted, is a sign that they are Socialists in heart but not in their pocketbooks. Sure these athletes make donations because it's all deductible from what they pay in taxes. They don't care how it is so badly used in many charities where much of the money donated is never seen by those in greatest need. When this country is finally officially recognized as being a Socialist country, about 2032, the rich will still be rich. I suggest that all who do not respect our flag, have never and will not read history. So tremendously sad.

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