Tuesday, September 26, 2017

First Amendment Allows Us To Do and Say Anything? Sure it Doesn't

Such bullcrap by the far left and militant blacks and their ilk. The U.S.A. Flag and National Anthem represents the country where true citizens live. If the millionaire blacks and their ilk don't like the way the country they live in is run, they should give up playing games and serve in positions of authority. They falsely claim that their actions will make this country a better place to live. No, It will and is making this country more divisive. As long as they claim citizenship, it is still their own country and and they are kneeling and linking in their own s--t of there own making. I and two friends have watched our last sporting event dominated by militant blacks who refuse to honor our country and those who died and were maimed to save our country from evil. Yes, some wars were mistakes and make us extremely sad. But then, we elected the decision makers. (If we voted and most don't) I'll watch the Cubs and Cards tonight and watch what the camera person shows the TV audience. Then I'll decide whether to watch the game or make better use of my time. Maybe blog the facts.

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