Thursday, September 03, 2009

My Readers - My Appreciation

Within the last hour my hit total reached 100,000 since I lost lost count accidentally and had my site meter reset by Bill Dennis. While I am and have always been a registered Republican I have not been enamoured in recent years with the leadership of the party on a local level, state level and national level. I can critique my party as well as the Democrats. (See my blog, "A Conservative Republicans Moral Morass" 7/30/05) This is a worn out cliche but I will use it; many of my friends and acquaintances are Democrats, the majority I don't know what party they are registered. And I don't care. As long as they pay attention to what is going on on all levels of the local or national scene so they can acquire enough information to make an intelligent decision or vote rather than as some from both parties tell me, "I always vote a party slate". Vote intelligently, you are using some of you own money but mostly OPM. Politicians find it hard sometimes to think that way.

Too bad.

I know that both Republicans and Democrats often act like sheep; no offense intended to sheep, once elected or put in any position of power, they seem to develop a "follow the herd" instinct. Not good for any community or political party.

Some stopped reading me because of my position on Obama, Biden, Emmanuel, Pelosi, Browner, Chu, Dawn Jensen, anyone connected to Acorn in a leadership position, Waters, Boxer, Rangel, Schumer, Dodd and now Geithner and Holder. And a lot of Republicans like Ted Stevens, Don Young, George Ryan, Mark Sanford, once considered a presidential candidate, although I agreed with most of his positions as a fiscal conservative, Tom DeLay and Alan Keyes. Sorry, but people seldom change their stripes. Some think Obama's selection for the Supreme Court will be fair to all and not try new interpretations of the Constitution to suit her liberal mindset, but I think she won't.

Anyway, for anyone who knows me, I do listen to all sides, and there are many. I am more independent than my Republican friends would like me to be. And I do keep records, so many I am a week behind on my filing but everything is kept in a sorter so I can find it as I just did and corrected a comment made on my blog.

I know my readership is small, I could use more links which I invite, but I believe I have good quality. As long as my readers believe I have something to offer, I will keep blogging even though my next birthday will be my 85th.

I did not become really active in government until 1994 when I ran for #150 school board and finished 3rd in a field of six in a contentious debate over sex education in the public school system. My position turned out to be correct, though, and the condition of #150 is under fire from many different sectors. Then my next run, year 2000, when I was asked to beat the woman Republican incumbent on the county board which I did by a 27% margin. When my third term ends in December 2010, that's it. There were some that were disappointed and have been disappointed in my positions but, so far, my positions have been proven mostly correct. I too, have been disappointed in what I have been able to accomplish but perhaps, in my way, I may have accomplished more than visualize. My main goal was to keep government limited and be financially sound. That goal is now somewhat debatable.

Anyway, thanks for reading me and I realize that what I write and to the reader I try to reach, does not promote a lot of comments. I didn't intend to have a chatbox type site which many enjoy as do I occasionally. But I appreciate those comments I receive as long as they do not include personal attacks.

Thanks again and if I'm worth reading, pass the word. For readers who are new to this site, I refer you to my blog of 4/30/09, "Place the Blame Where Most of it Belongs"; you will see I am not the only one who can get "strident" about what's going on in the world.

As a lame excuse, I never took a course in Journalism and it often shows. Too lazy, I guess.


Stormin' Norman said...

Your blogging is appreciated. You have to keep in mind 99.99999% of the human population has been brainwashed into thinking a 'successful' life consists of reproduction and death. The only thing that separates these sheeple from the common fruit fly is 77 years and change...

Merle Widmer said...

Thnaks, Norman.

Right now I'm overwhelmed with the stress of too many things to do and not enough energy to get things like blogging, done.

Mostly a weakness of my mind over matter.

Maybe today.

Nancy said...

Dad, I added your 911 post on my Facebook site.