Monday, December 21, 2015

Miss Puerto Rico - You, as a Beauty, Showed at Least You Had a Brain That Pays Attention to World Events

Trump should hire you. You are so right. Of course there are good Muslims. If they are speaking up in volume, their comments are not being aired much in the liberal medias. There were good Germans under Hitler. And good Japanese and good Italians.  Suspend you for your comments? Of course, free speech in America is dying.

And watch your neighbor. Spy glass sales should be way up. Maybe catch me taking a piss in my back yard and call in this suspicious activity.

The world is going nuts. Less than 200 killed by suspected "terrorist" attacks in 10 years in the U.S.A. compared to approximately 350,000 killed in vehicular accidents over the same period.

Fear keeps the same incompetent people in office. That's why I asked Ray LaHood years ago why he was an elected fear monger. He just smiled. LaHood asked me once if I thought he was being paid too much. I said no. I've changed my mind when I now see what benefits and pensions he gets plus his years of being a go-fer boy for our frightening president. ..

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