Sunday, December 20, 2015

Drug Overdose Deaths Exceed Vehicular Deaths

So says one media source if you can believe them. Going to get worse, not better. Any time you make something illegal to young people, far too many of them are now going to "try it', often with disastrous results.

The entertainment world and the liberal media have glorified the use of drugs and drug experimentation. Telling and warning is not going to stop it. It is now ingrained in too many young people. It is now a way of life, just like "toys and games" are not part of Christmas but IS
Christmas for so many young people.

Expect the theft of toys from other people increase as kids ask parents "why not us?". Parents who can't afford all the stuff so highly advertised and so much peer pressure.

You can't stop  advertising and you can't stop greed. One year, I received a bag of marbles. That came from thee Watkins traveling salesman. i suspect it made me a better person. I doubt dozens of toys better anyone's lives except those who make and sell them. Or salve a parents guilty conscience.

I'm glad I was born poor and learned to appreciate not being in the "not so fast lane".

I'm amazed that I am so old and see so many people younger than I die. I often wonder why but know most young deaths can be attributed to lifestyle and genetics.

Suggest lifestyle is the number one cause of early death unless totally accidental.

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