Thursday, December 03, 2015

How Diversity is Helping To "Kill" This Great Country

Interested? Then enter "Diversity" in the upper left hand corner of this blog and hit "go". You will find some of my best blogging; about 8 articles, starting on 7/20/2011. I bring this very important subject up again because yesterday, where I bank in Bradenton, my teller was a white woman who can process a transaction in about a minute. A couple of days before, my teller was a black woman who processed the same transaction in 5 or more minutes. No, I am not now nor never have been a racist. BUT I DO NOT believe in using diversity as the law demands. I believe and always will believe people should be hired, and I'll simply it, ON MERIT and QUALIFICATIONS.

Using the same basic scenario, there was a black man who worked last winter at Steak and Shake in Bradenton, who was the fastest, most efficient fry cook I have ever seen. So good I asked him to take $5 from me. He did and asked why I  was tipping him. I told him he was a joy to watch. Recently, I visited the same S and S and he was gone. Doing he same job was a white guy who appeared to care less about all the customers impatiently waiting for what was being prepared on the same grill.  I watched for awhile and walked out. I went to a Burger King where a black order taker and cashier was highly effective.

Over my lifetime, I more than once told a clerk, etc. that if they worked for me they would not have a job for long. I understand that if you are new to a job, it takes takes time to become more efficient. It is management's responsibility to work with the new employee until the new hire had the job pretty well "down pat".I'm sure some of you got bad service when I owned Widmer's. If I was in business today, I am certain I would do a better job as I am still learning. Hopefully, faster than I forget.

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