Friday, December 04, 2015

Trump's Pinocchio Nose

If compared to Obama's; Obama's nose would circle the earth. Hillary's nose would reach from Washington to Salt Lake City. Trump's nose would reach from New York to Columbus, Ohio. But the left-leaning 85% Democrat reporters and 70% left leaning medias, they would have it just the opposite for Obama and Trump. Hillary would not have a longer nose than Nixon.

How did this happen? Broken school systems seemingly composed of near Socialist leanings on too many levels of education. Reaching back in my memories, I realize that only one social studies and history teacher at Western was probably a Republican. I believe his name was Vic Braden. The most influential teaching Democrat's wife was rumored to be sleeping with some of the students with his knowledge. Share what you have with others as the great equalizer. No big deal then and now, I suppose.

If I had the chance to advise The Donald, I would advise him to get the facts more in alignment with the truth. Donald, you can't govern by over emphasizing every problem and solution. Your followers are angry, not stupid. You speak as a "not politically correct" candidate but you don't need to go so far afield. And you need to be prepared to answer questions without shooting from the hip.

Listen to your advisers more. You are going to have to listen to them if elected, like it or not. No one man is bigger than this country. Accept that fact.

Still, he is the only candidate of any party who can stand up to the Putins' of the world and many of the ineffective Democrats and some Republicans.

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