Saturday, December 05, 2015

Gun Control - Killings - Israel

As would be expected, the gun control adherents continue to spread mis-information. Laws are on the books and can be enforced today if those enforcing the laws wish to or are able to enforce these laws. There are thousands or laws meant to stop gambling, prostitution, drug use which includes drinking, smoking, robbing, raping, illegal insider trading, many forms of cheating, speeding; I could list thousands of things that are illegal and covered by never ending laws. #1. Guns will always be sold, either legally or on the black market. #2. There will be more crazies, for wont of a better term, who will kill with guns, explosives, drugs, poisons, knives, baseball bats, hatchets, axes, axe handles, strangulation, you name it.  #3. Efforts to control death by vehicular accident, many of them horrific, which kill more than 40,000 a year in the U.S.A., have done little to stop these killings despite the thousands of laws on the books to do so. #4. Despite the fact that less than 200 people have been killed since 9/11 (I should add airplanes as killers) by over-publicized crazies and terrorist actions, the story loving press continues to present facts and  presumptions that we should stay locked in our rooms and eat each other, I suppose, so we don't have to venture out or order in, go to work, shop, go to sporting events, theaters,  or to any event that attracts more than 100 in a group.


To sum it, the media, aided and abetted by publicity hungry politicians, sect or race radical  leaders, and just ordinary people seeking to be on TV or in the paper, have caused an emotional toil unimaginable in the country of Israel. Israel, threatened to extinction by Obama's trusted counterparts in Iran, killed by their neighbors, some of their own radicalized people and a perceived threat to many even here in this country, continue to go about their lives in a relatively normal manner.

It is my understanding that all citizens of Israel must serve two years of security training, are all taught how to shoot to kill or Taze, arm themselves, and have done things like building walls to protect their country from outside high dangers.. Things we can't seem to do in this country and IS another reason for the popularity of The Donald.

Everything I write and most other write have been written by so many sensible people like Charles Krauthammer, whose recent article titled, "Obama's Phony War", should be mandatory reading for ALL

Enough said. I accept any challenge to what I write but not from COWARDS who call themselves anonymous.

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Anonymous said...

Even with loosening of the gun laws, gun ownership is highly restricted in Israel. And no semi-automatics. I agree, Israel should be a role model for us.