Saturday, December 05, 2015

Don't Waste Your Life Living in Fear in the United States of America

Why not? Humans who create terror have ALWAYS been here. We are told to watch our surroundings carefully and report every thing WE believe is important. The paranoiac  people are having a field day and security offices are being bombarded by tips about their neighbors actions, deterring them from doing the job they are hired to do; Protect as many people as they can from all types of danger and arrest all they have reason to arrest. Arrest with force where reason says it is needed while controlling the anger that builds up in our security forces as they see discipline eroding in almost all sectors of humanity.

Reporting everything suspicious? Isn't that what Germany and others did during the Holocaust or what our Country did to the Japanese who lived her and the Jews who were trying to escape Hitler?

Of course,people never have lived normal lives as history tells us. History written today by unbiased people will say that our actions have been more media driven than since the great wars when millions (not less than 200, have been killed by those authorities call terrorists, excluding 9/11), were killed maimed and other lives forever partially ruined. Yes, I have always had concern  for the well-being of my family, myself, and all reasonably good people, but I intend to lead my life with respect for all dangers, erring at times, which appears to be the norm for all, and let the security people and others protect me as I would them, but not harass myself and all other who do not deserve being harassed.

The old adage "that there are a few bad apples in every barrel" has always been true. Just don't let the bad apples ruin the good ones. That includes our security forces and politicians.


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