Saturday, December 05, 2015

Tasers and the Many Phony Lawsuits

If you had a person out of control an a threat to harming you or others, would you, before taking protective action, ask them if they had a mental problem? If you do, I hope you are welcomed with open arms in your Heaven. Yes, there have been the misuse of Tasers as well as mis-use of choke holds and guns. Humans using Tasers and guns sometimes err. They must be held accountable.  But suing the companies that make protective devices; who instruct the user how to use these devices, should not be constantly needing lawyers to protect themselves from phony lawsuits.

To the parent or or parents of the mentally ill I ask, why are you suing the maker? To cover up your own incompetence in the care of the once infant you bore and raised? As to the lawyers, we know why they sue. It's about money, money, and publicity. To the politicians, like Senator Dick Durbin, who promised me 13 years ago that the treatment of those with mental health problems was high on his priority list.

What happened, Democrat Senator Durbin? You talk, like so many politicians, but cannot control any action.You are a major part in why there are few mental health facilities and why Illinois is going to declare bankruptcy in the not too distant future.

Yes, I do own Taser stock and am positive it should be used with prudence. To the officers that correctly Taze, thank you for protecting us. To those Tazed and die, I'm sorry, but.... To those who were Tazed and lived, only about 400 died since Tasers first went on the market many years ago, be fortunate that you weren't shot and killed. To the citizens who suffered no more violence from those incarnated (although many are back on the streets doing the same things they were doing before incarcerated) Partially our fault for failing to pay more for those re habitable. To the bad apples in our security forces, don't let the unions stop those in charge from dismissing them. You will, over the unions usual objections, save all taxpayers money


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