Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Why We Need Trump to Lead This Sorry Nation

The liberals, not just the liberal press, did not look past the headlines. Trump said many times to stop the immigration of  Muslims until Congress and Obama come up with a better plan to thoroughly search the backgrounds of these refugees.

Anyone who thinks that ALL people immigrating  to the U.S.A., are going to become good citizens, could probably also be sold the proverbial "Brooklyn Bridge". Are they fleeing for their lives or getting in line to enter the once "land of honey" so they can impose their lifestyle on our socialist bent, compassionate liberal college educated. naive do-gooders? How many of these people have ever been in a Mosque to listen what is being preached? How much Sharia is been promoted in the U.SA.? And covered up in the ghettos especially in Europe and growing in our once great country.

And don't compare Trump to Roosevelt who prevented Jews who were fleeing the Holocaust. The Democrats and many Republicans sent most all the Jews, fleeing for their lives, back to be slaughtered by the Nazis'.

One thing this country doesn't need is the importation of terrorists and uneducated and unskilled adults, whether from the Mideast or from south of our southern borders; from the Pacific to the Atlantic.. We are the largest 1st world country with the most porous border.

Sane people see what's really going on and Trump is very sane. So are the overwhelming majority of his supporters.

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