Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Liberals Are Not quoting FULL Trump Statements in Headlines

Many people only read the headlines to get the message they want to hear. Again today the headlines from Time, a liberal magazine I stopped taking long ago, did not say what Trump said. Trump said "he did not know. He would have had to have been there at the time".(about the internment of Japanese during WW2)  Did those words appear in the headlines? Absolutely not.

Who are the Republicans kidding? Republican leaders say. "this is not the way we do it in this country, anyone, terrorist or murderer, if they are seeking asylum in the U.S.A., our doors are open. Trump wants far better vetting and the press and Republicans are maligning his message. They wouldn't get the Muslim vote anyway nor are they going to get the majority of the Independents, the black vote nor the Hispanic vote.

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