Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Obama Issues Regulation Banning All Police From Having Access To Any Device That Fires Bullets

Regulation #1,292,015, was announced in a special announcement today on CNN, in which Obama said, " Tasers, Billy Clubs, handcuffs and Mace, should be sufficient to protect the citizenry of this country from terrorists". Gun Control Experts were quick to state that this action was in proper response to the reported theft of 7 firearms from a police vehicle parked outside a restaurant in Lacy, Texas yesterday. CNN said it was not clear whether or not the restaurant served liquor or whether rumors the theft occurred during Happy Hour were true.

"Chiraq" Mayor Rahm Emanuel quickly praised the President and said he had considered the same measure to stem the slaughter occurring daily on the streets of his City.

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump was quickly interviewed by the New York Times who quoted Trump as saying, "this was another feeble effort by the not so Lame Duck President, to disarm all citizens of the U.S.A., except Muslims protecting their Mosques from vandals". USA Today is expected to print tomorrow that the 68% of disenchanted and unemployed Blue Collar workers who make up the Trump faithful, would now increase to around 72%". Republican leadership and other Republican Candidates for the Presidency, plus other 'bleeding heart'  liberals, quickly responded to Trump's quote as "being another attempt by Trump to further divide this country".

Democrat Presidential Hillary Clinton was with her husband, Bill, at a Clinton Foundation fundraising benefit for Wall Street Fat Cats and could not be immediately reached.

I was interviewed by Matt Buedel of the Peoria Journal Star who said he was able to find me blogging in an upstairs bedroom of my Ranch Style home. Buedel quoted Widmer as saying, "just read my blogs",  Buedel also said, 'Widmer appreciates JS reporters, like Buedel, who report the facts and only the facts as they see them"...

More from Lacy, Texas tomorrow where I will be interviewing the Mayor, the Police Chief, the County Sheriff, the states attorney and anyone else who would like to be seen and quoted on TV. In the meantime, keep reading my blogs.


Merle Widmer said...

I overlooked a statement by the NRA's leading spokesman who, when interviewed by Fox TV guru, Bill O'Reilly, said, " I really hope that government bodies and Muslim officials in Obama's Washington, who oppose very through vetting of new illegals, keep buying back from NRA members old, rusted and non-working things that once shot bullets, so that the money collected can be used to buy real working things that shoot real bullets". (I should explain the politically correct term for guns, rifles, etc., is "things that shoot bullets") Possibly buying back these police weapons stolen from Lacy, Texas, and dozens of other governmental bodies like arsenals, before those who wish to use these "things that shoot bullets" inflict more bodily harm on innocents. Those committing the thefts of these "things" can then use the money to buy drugs from Mexican Cartels; illegal drugs being more profitable than "things that shoot bullets".

Merle Widmer said...

My readers, who wondered about my reference to JS Reporter, Matt Buedel. Budeul wrote a story deriding me after I was brave enough to admit a theft I believe was committed by three guests at MY house. He embellished the story by adding an upstairs (isn't that where bedrooms usually are?) except he didn't know I live in a Ranch House that does not have any upstairs. Period. Budeul is a lair. He also wrote that "I stepped down from my position on the County Board" when in fact I served my full 10 years and at the age of 85, I did not want to continue to render four more years of my life to public service. (I left the Board with ALL FUND WELL BALANCED).

I publicly announced in print that I would not run for a fourth term. I made this announcement 2 1/2 years before my term was up. Budeul is a lair who could not hold a job at a really good newspaper.