Friday, December 11, 2015

Republican Leadership - In Just the Last Year, More Voters Than You Think Are Disillusioned With Your Party

Better listen to the little guy. The "little" guys and many gals are listening to points Trump is making that resonate with their own feelings. While many women will vote for Hillary just because she is a woman, many will still vote for Trump. There is no Republican now running that can defeat Hillary other than Trump. Better believe it. Listen to what Pat Buchanan is saying. You don't like Buchanan? Don't you understand the good "old buddy" system you have operated for so many years, is dead in the water?  Listen to what those who are supporting Trump. You supported Aaron Schock strongly but Schock personified the general type of Republican - when I handed Schock a $100 bill, he sneered at me but said I had some good ideas that he wanted to discuss with me. Never heard from him. He listened to money. So he was your best friend.

Not mine. I told him he had an opportunity to change the Republican image in Peoria, Peoria County, the City Council,(yes, the Peoria County Board has been in control of the Democrats for decades; the City Council, while non Partisan, is controlled by Democrats and Republicans who think like Democrats, the State of Illinois, and the nation. He agreed and then blew it. Do you believe the dominate liberal media, including the Peoria Journal Star would and is still stomping hard on Schock as they would have on a Democrat doing exactly what Shock was doing? That's your problem with the voters and myself, whose blogs are read by an approximate 7000 readers, has become an Independent.

Do you really want 4 and maybe 8 more years of Obama style rule? Trump is right on nearly all issues. He wanted better vetting, visa control sadly lacking and he rightfully singled out Muslims. Of course, there are many good Muslims but these good Muslims have little power as indicated by their inability to report the terrorists in our midst.

Under ANY circumstance do you believe the rapidly growing Muslim population in the U.S.A. would vote Republican? You are so naive some of you make me ill.

Headlines tell the story to too many people because they do not read "the rest of the story". So when the liberal media quoted Trump as wanting to ban all Muslims, that became a headline all over the world. Trump haters literally screamed that he wanted to stop the flow of immigrants into this country until they were 'properly vetted' which of course we don't do. We don't even know what happened to hundreds of thousands of visa holders who overstayed their allotted time. We have no idea where they are. Do you think they are going to show up on the already phony "employed list"?

Dear God have mercy on this very troubled nation.

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