Thursday, December 10, 2015

Antonin Scalia Is, Of Course, Right

This brave Supreme Court Justice threw off political correctness and stated what people with common sense know but most only say in their own circle of friends. One has to look no further than to visit classrooms and corridors and lunchrooms at Peoria High and Manual.. Also, the same at all inner large city schools. A couple of years after Peoria Promise was formed, Mayor Jim Ardis told me that 75% of the high school students who got scholarships to ICC could not meet basic reading and writing skills objectives.

Why are so many people so naive or why are they telling lies about our educational systems? Many we know do it for their own benefit. We need more judges like Scalia less less Obama appointees, "who tell it like it really is".

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Merle Widmer said...

Early in my life, I saw the flaws in our educational system. I was not a good high school or college student. In fact, I was offered an athletic scholarship to Hamilton University in upper new York. i could not pass the SAT test and it was recommended by the University Admissions office that I attend a state school.

I entered what was then called ISNU in Normal. Il. But my interest back then was sports, more sports, nine ball at the pool hall and pinball machines. Seeing I wasn't making my grades to play Varsity basketball. a friend of mine told me about Western at Macomb. One day I was in class in Normal and the next day in class at Western. It was then I realized if I was ever to be a coach, I would need to start studying even though I still saw the system as quite flawed.

I did graduate in four years, was fortunate to be recommended by fellow friend and frat man, Ken Bird, for a coaching job in a school with 50 high school students. (Colusa) It was at Colusa where I spent all my spare time in the school library trying to catch up with some of my better students.

Thus with a job, I finally began the long and continuous job of educating myself and with the help of others, that I continue to this day.

Scalia is correct, whether the student is black, white, yellow or green.