Monday, May 11, 2009

Employee Free Choice Act

For my opinion of Allen Mayers comments as printed in the JS about the county board withdrawing support of the EDC if the Chamber and the EDC didn't back off their public support of the EFCA, by reporter Karen McDonald on 5/8/09, read my comments on the Peoria Chronicle and my blog of 10/30/08.

The Democrat controlled Peoria County Board can do as they wish. However, I believe Board Chairman Tom O'Neill has much more common sense than Mayer who struggles to show that he a Democrat "union" man through and through. His ambition goes far beyond being a county official. As to weaknesses in the Heartland Partnership and some entities under it's umbrella, it was clearly on display last week.



Anonymous said...

why continue to give comment to a reporter who clearly has her own agenda?

Merle Widmer said...

Like I've been told, every body is entitled to their own opinion which includes the media However, understanding all the facts is the only truth that can be expressed for understanding.