Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Caterpillar Stock up on Pending News

Some Cat employees say that Caterpillar will soon announce some major changes, changes from pricing of product to work combining to changes to some benefits. Nothing is in the news media as yet (that I have seen) but Caterpillar stock has moved up to almost $40 a share.

Also, Caterpillar would likely benefit if Congress asked GM to break and sell off pieces rather than take bankruptcy, the direction they are heading, bail-out or not.Someones loss of their business or their job, almost always spurs other development by wiser entrepreneurs. Someone to pick up the pieces and hire skilled employees who may have lost their jobs due to closings of all types.

The community looks for some good news from Caterpillar and any other company that produces a saleable product manufactured in Peoria County.

More games and circuses we do not need unless they are funded by private dollars.

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Merle Widmer said...

Hope readera note the date of this article. My 'spook' vistitor pulled this 10 year old blog forward. Cat closed at around $162 a share today. I've set a share price of $225 in less than a year.