Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Edgewild - Quite a Number Of the 228 Homes are Using Cheap Illegals

Mainly to mow grass and landscaping. I had a prominent South Side Fencing company give me a quote on some fencing. I agreed. One day I get a knock on my door and a Mexican or Brown skinned person stood on my porch. I asked what he wanted. He said e was here to install a fence. I asked for identification. He had none. I asked if he had a driver's license, He had none. His truck was lettered ACME something. I told hm to get off my property.

Later, the owner of the fencing company called me all upset. You can guess what I said to him. I never heard from that company again. You can guess what company I am talking about. I would like to see ICE to raid therm but don't believe ICE is working this area yet.

Too bad as a lot of companies in the area are using cheaper illegals.

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