Monday, August 20, 2018

Scandalized Press Print This? Of Course Not

 Forwarded to me by a friend.. Merle

This did not
> appear in the press . .
> .
> On Tuesday,
> April 10, 2018, Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide
> football players made the most out of their White House
> visit, and much of it went unreported by the
> media. With past
> visits from sports teams, the media did their best to
> highlight and prop up anyone who would boycott the visit,
> but they were unable to write about that this time because
> NONE of the players
> boycotted! President
> Trump welcomed the team on Tuesday to celebrate their
> National Title that they clinched in January of this
> year.The entire
> ceremony was special, but something amazing happened
> afterwards that the media is NOT talking
> about. After Trump
> lauded praise on Alabama for their amazing victory over
> Georgia in the National Championship game, punter J.K. Scott
> took Trump aside and asked if he could pray for him and the
> White House staff. What happened
> next is the media's worst
> nightmare. A group of
> Scott's teammates, white and black, gathered around
> Trump and prayed together in a beautiful show of
> unity. Somehow the media missed
> this!!!    ON
> PURPOSE.See photos
> below.

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