Monday, April 28, 2008

Middle Class Income Stagnation

The Democrats complain that the Bush Administration is responsible for the above. An obvious reason for stagnation is that it's hard for the average standard of living to rise when the country keeps doubling and redoubling its population of the poor.

Between 700,000 to 900,000 yearly new immigrants are granted some type of legal status when 60% do not even have a high school education. Most of these immigrants are from Mexico or Central America. 40% or more remain poor after settling in the U.S. Immigration policies favor keeping the family together so more uneducated join the uneducated already here. Hispanic youths are 3 times as likely to drop out of school and twice as likely as blacks.

SAT scores tell a sad story. Among the students who took the verbal test in 2006 95,000 seniors scored 700 or above. Only 1117 were black. In SAT math 69,000 scored 700 or more and only 976 were black. Part of the problem is the black disconnect from white activities seen all the time in Peoria. A presentation open to the public "Green Plays in Peoria" touting sustainable development, only two blacks were among the over 100 participants. I've called this to attention before of the lack of participation by blacks in community improvement or development projects.

The major part of the problem is affirmative action. Why study or participate when businesses feels obligated to hire a certain number of minorities, regardless or their ability compared to "other" applicants?

As David Frum says in his book "Comeback", nobody foresaw back in 1970 that the population of of the most disadvantaged students was about to explode. Between 1970 and 2005, some 40 million people would legally and illegally (about half) migrate to to the U.S. Less than one third lacked even a high school degree and even then a degree meant little if they did not apply themselves in the classroom and were moved along to make room for others.

He says, most Mexicans migrants feel deep reluctance to assimilate to the English language and United States ways. 41% of all post-1980 immigrants have remained poor a decade after they entered our country. Back in 1960, immigrants were much less likely to remain poor than the native-born; today immigrants are much more likely to remain poor than natives.

The Democrat presidental candidates are appealling to these uneducated, the pacifist liberals, the half educated liberal indoctrinated college students, those who don't read but are swayed with words (charisma) , rich people who have already made their fortunes, minorities who have failed to take advantage of opportunities, fought for and sacrificed by blacks like Martin Luther King and George Washington Carver, and others unlike King and Carver, who would prefer the U.S. to further move toward socialism and populism.

They will blame the problem of failing to move up the ladders of economic success on others therefore further setting back those who feel they are victims of the system. Obama strongly believes this but he is smart enough to articulate it in phrases that mislead those who are looking for a "change" but aren't very sure of what they are looking for. When they say "bring our troops home", they have no idea of how to do that without increasing the threat of their eventual security.

They have no idea what it takes or do they want to do the work that it takes to be promoted into higher paying jobs so that they can enter the "middle class".

"Don't let the facts get in your way" is a statement that can be applied to many. To be accepted, truth must fit the frame of a person's mindset. If the facts don't fit, the frame stays and the facts bounce off until truth is discarded and politicians, manly Democrats, turn to exaggeration, distortion and demagoguery. That is what you are seeing as the Democrats appeal to those who feel disfranchised, victimized, the "squeezed" middle class and those who are looking for "Big Brother" to solve all their problems. They are failing to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by this great nation and seek the easiest target to place all the blame; the Republicans and George Bush. Since they do limited reading, the voices of false prophets is what they want to hear. Obama and Clinton have long ago figured this out. All Obama and Clinton had to do was read history.

Is the middle class in earning stagnation? Not if you work for the government and not if do the little "extras" that most employers seek and compensate. Almost all have the freedom to move to a better position. I was fired from my first teaching and coaching job only to be hired at a better and larger school with more pay and responsibility.

I note that almost all of the people working for Peoria County (most are Democrats) are hard workers which is reflective of good leadership. Most of the these people I suspect would call themselves middle class; and of course, they go thru "rough" spots in their economic endeavors but none have come to me to say that it is their employers fault. Most would like to make more money and have a secure future. But most realize the present and the future is what they make it.

Almost nothing anyone writes today is original. We "writers" shape our thoughts and expressions from hundred of different sources. My aim to to present the truth and if what I present does not fit your view or frame, sobeit. This was never intended to be a politically correct site.

Thanks for taking time to read me and read some of the books I recommend. Facts should never deter any thinking person regardless of race, gender, religion or political party from trying to sort out the truths from all the different sources available to us.

And there are many if we take time to find them.

In the meantime, our failed immigration policies restrict the educated from entering this countries; restricted by ridiculous quotas.

The hope is that there is a new generation of thinkers, albeit too few, that hungers for answers and solutions. Too often they hear smashmouth talking heads(from both parties), view "Lord knows what" and listen to liberalist opionions presented to them by many of their teachers whether in the classroom, home, in church or on the street.


Sam said...

Merle, did you catch any of the news on TV today, May 1st, May Day (National Law Day in the U.S.), the illegal immigrants day of protests throughout the country? If you did, did you notice any of the red stars and images of Che Guevara on the placards and signs that were held by these protesters who demand rights for illegals? Hugo Chavez couldn't be more happy particularly if our politicians decide to give these people amnesty and citizenship.

Merle Widmer said...


Thanks for your comment. I've seen many indications that signify a socialistic movement gaining impetuous in the larger communities. These illegals bear more kids than white, black or other ethnic groups that are legal citizens.

Numbers alone ususlly can't win but if granted voting rights, they will change this country dramatically and not to the better.

I have been noticing when our national anthem is played larger numbers are not holding their right hand over their hearts and some don't even take off their headwear.

Much of this comes from the misuse of activists freedom protected by our laws.

I fear for our countries future. Our leaders have failed us badly. The old saying "pay me now or pay me later" fits this growing situation. Some of us on the side of common sense are going to pay dearly even before I'm no longer alive.

More than sad.

dd said...

Lets see. What is responsible for the economic problems of the middle class? Could it be the complexities of the world economy; rising cost of energy; currency policies; balance of trade issues; a costly war. No. Our economic woes are caused by immigrants, racial minorities and socialist politians who have sold us down the river. Sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

Part of the reason for the explosion in Latino populations in this country is the fact that many illegal immigrants attempt to reproduce prolific because their offspring is then considered a citizen since the child is born in the U.S. Hence they the parents have a better chance at citizenship. The actual law on this is obscure but it should be tested in the courts.

dd said...

Sorry, I forgot to include in the list of the causes of our economic woes the fact that the undesirables breed like vermin. Thanks for reminding me. P.S. Are you serious?!

Merle Widmer said...

Please don't call illegal immigrants, just immigrants. My dad immigrated LEGALLY through Ellis Island with his mom, dad and sister at the age of nine months. I resent you calling people who sneaked into this country illegally, who failed to leave when their vias expired, immigrants putting them in the same class as all who emigrated here legally. they aren't immigrants, they are law breakers. Read my 4 blogs on illegal immigration dated 5/1/7, 6/22/7, 6/3/7 and 2/25/8.

And if this country is so bad, why do people risk their lives to live here? No one is leaving. And I mean no one although I wish a large number would. They should return to their "roots" and help the poor people they left behind, not just send them U.S. dollars from here.

dd said...

I'll bet when you Dad immigrated through Ellis Island, the "natural born" population didn't welcome him with open arms because he was "legal." I'll bet his reception was very similar to the reception the "illegal" gets today. My point still stands: people who blame our economic woes on immigrants (legal or illegal) are simply ignoring the complex economic realities of today's world and looking for boogie men to blame.