Sunday, April 27, 2008

Property Taxes Rising - Are Values Real?

My property taxes rose from $5752 in 2006 to $7113 for 2007. Peoria County taxes increased by 3.07%, Peoria City by 23.58%, Peoria Public Library by 23.30%, Peoria Park District 23.51%, Peoria Public Schools, 24.42% for a total increase to my wife and I of 23.66% over 2006.

If my appeal to the state does not give me the relief I'm entitled to, at the end of my term I will be leaving Peoria County as I see taxes escalating rapidly over the next decade. While we brag about $3 billion in new projects, and rightfully so to keep our work force employed, many of these projects do not or will not pay property taxes.

My house is for sale to those who determined my "fair value" if they will pay me $267,000 of course I've deducted the realtor fee of $17,000 from the "fair value". Of course they can't come in my house, why should they, they determined my "fair value" without entering my premises so they KNOW what my home is worth.

The people involved in the assessment reevaluation were Bonnie Gavin, Township Assessor, Dave Ryan, appointed County Assessor, Gary Shadid, Nancy Horton, wife of Brad Horton, County Recorder up for a 12.96% salary increase effective 12/1/08 and 4%each year thereafter paying $96,020 by 2011 plus all benefits; this position is by election by the public, and Mike Fortune, all appointed by the County Board Chairman.

I received this information from the County which I will quote, "During 2007 for the taxes to be paid in 2008, The Township Assessors and the County's Supervisor of Assessments revalued in excess of 84,000 properties. Complaints were filed on 3,060 parcels (3.6%) 1675 had no change in value after their hearing and 51 had their property taxes raised after appealing. Of the complaints received 2351 parcels were located in the City of Peoria Township.

I and the board were told that some people did not appeal because of fear of retaliation, by far the large majority must believe their taxes are fair, some thought the paperwork was overwhelming and others did not notice the increase until they received their new bill and some haven't as yet received their bills.

Of all the property taxes collected in my area, more that 53% will go to School District #150. Am I happy that $3856 of my dollars will fund a school system that produces questionable results? Read my old blogs. ($10,000 plus per student per year and rapidly rising)

The biggest complaint I hear as an elected official is rising property taxes. People do not mind paying taxes if they feel they are getting results. In a very recent National Citizen Survey completed by 905 people the level of overall quality of life in Peoria County, which of course includes the cities and villages, was judged to be 6% excellent, 55% good and 34% fair, not too good in my opinion.


Mike Radigan said...

I hear you, Merle. We moved to Morton 4 months ago. Obviously there were other factors that influenced our move, but...

dd said...

I guess I don't understand. If you lose your appeal, doesn't that simply mean that you are paying your fair share of taxes, as assessed.

Anonymous said...

I've never appealled to the state. With the large number of appeals the state is handling it may years before I will know. I'm told that one parcel that was appealled in 2006 hasn't been ruled on and it is now 2008. I will pay my tax as assessed and will post results of my appeal on this site or in the media. I'm told I may hear by 2009.

My computer keeps calling me anonymous and I'm weary of fighting it so I'll sign it here. Merle Widmer

Merle Widmer