Monday, October 31, 2016

A Loser's Lament

"If I don't, someone else will". No, I do not hire illegals. A fencing company once sent an illegal to do build a fence for me. I asked for credentials. He had none, not even a drivers licences for the pick-up he was driving.

I sent him back and cancelled my contract with the well-known local fence builder. The owner called me and raised Kane. But he knew better than to try to sue me.

My Dad came here legally through Ellis Island. I do not blame the illegals. I blame the system and that is another huge reason I am voting for Trump. Trump knows there is a better system of returning the 11-15 million illegals here. It will certainly not be on a "wholesale" basis. That is his politically talk. But I am in favor a wall that illegals can't go under or over. I'm in favor of what the Border "Control" people want. They know better than anyone.

Do illegals pay taxes? One thing is for certain, they pay sales taxes; at least most of them do..

Don't let Hillary fool you. Hillary truly wants our borders open to all. Even Democrats should realize that illegals are taking jobs away from them.And helping clog our security systems.

Yes, some of my well-known acquaintances hire illegals. Sorry for the label but then anyone hiring illegals have legitimately earned it.

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Merle Widmer said...

Swift Meat Slaughter House in Oklahoma used to pay as high as $21+ an hour. then came the illegals and wages dropped by as much at $9 an hour.