Tuesday, October 11, 2016

No the 35 (and There Are WHOLE Lot More) Celebrties Who Support Trump Doesn't Surprise Me

Most of the media, including the Peoria Journal Star Democrat, attacking Trump  endlessly are all Democrats or left-wingers including Gloria Allred or actually "all blue) Not surprising me at all.

And the few Republicans with any power whpo won't support a Republican but would rather see the Democrats in power for ANOTHER 4 YEARS are part of the most distrusted group of Congresspeople in the history of this nation.

Oh, I keep forgetting Hillary is a woman and in today's new world, women can't get anywhere because of the outdated glass ceiling. So let's vote for her Pinocchio nose, through which she breaths to expel all those lies out of her mouth.

Of course, Trump didn't say all locker rooms but the semi-socialist press loves to paint with many brushes of the same color.


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