Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Locker Room Talk - Trump An Easy Target

When I coached, I did not shower with my players. How they talked I don't know but I did hear some rumors. When I played sports, I often heard remarks about women in the locker room or at a bar later on.  I NEVER involved myself in more than a handful of  lewd remarks but I heard plenty of them. If you listened carefully, you knew the names of all the girls or women that "put out" and in some cases what they most enjoyed.

A couple of well-known local business men bragged that as Seniors at Manual Training School, they "made" every freshman that appealed to them.

Yes, both men and women are not all what the Puritans would like them to be. It was pretty well known among the boys that one of my basketball players claimed he "made out" with the HS Music Teacher where the curtains were pulled in front of the stage.

When I was running around as a kid, we would go out as couples or maybe 3 guys and 3 gals, Usually the subjects turned to dirty jokes. I kicked a few in myself, some that I never really understand, but by FAR THE DIRTIEST JOKES ABOUT GIRLS AND BOYS CAME FROM THE GIRLS. Back then, there wasn't much sex going on but a LOT OF TALK.. Talk is a lot less disastrous than the 14-15-16 year old girls getting pregnant and STD's.

Interesting, but a lot of 'things' changed after WW11, Korea and Vietnam. I would say that the biggest changes in 'morals' took off in the 1960's.

However, my Dad's hired man show me copies of pornographic Big Little books. After looking at some of the pictures, I tried to shower in a way that no one could see my undeveloped pubic area. Of course, the kids with the most developed pubic area showed off all they could.

I think a lot of people are throwing stones to cover up events in their pasts that they wouldn't want ANYBODY  to know.

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