Friday, October 07, 2016

Vote Yes For More Taxes IF It Means Safer Roads - On TV Ads Today

What a bunch of hogwash. We have an overtaxed community and some, if not the worst, roadbeds, curbs and sidewalks in the country. With 3 accidents I came across near the intersection of War memorial and Knoxville this week, one of the most dangerous intersections in Peoria. Money wasted by the dozens upon dozens of millions of $. I need to stop being redundant.. If you are interested to know about the waste, you could read some of my 2900 blog posts.

I attended the first referendum presentation. 8, yes, 8 others attended, most appeared to be in favor of more taxes. This County is Democrat controlled. More taxes means more union jobs. While the Republican Establishment keeps shooting themselves in the butt.

I really don't think people want to do more than "talk" about these unfortunate days. Vote for Hillary and you will see how dozens of billions will be wasted in 4 more sorry years.

Knoxville and War M will never be improved no matter how high taxes go. That safety issue should have been addressed 30 or more years ago.

So sad.


Anonymous said...

Do you know of any group forming to fight the school and road sales tax increases?

Merle Widmer said...

No, but I would like to be part of a group because I HAVE THE AMMUNITION as to why to vote no, no matter how wonderfully well these taxes would help the governing bodies to continue their wasteful spending ways.

All the projects have merit. But so did all the other "projects" the elected voted "for". That's why they are all running out of money.

Sorry to keep saying I, but 'I" predicted what is happening now staring in 2004 when I first started the first of my almost 3000 posts.