Friday, October 07, 2016

Peoria - Did You Know?

In June of 2002, the JSEB, under the guidance of Barbara Manz Drake, condemned Ray LaHood and David Leitch for waffling on what would have been a disastrous, tax sucking billion dollar highway to Chicago. A highway that would have benefited some of Peoria's elite and stuck the middle class with the additional ta  taxes'

Both changed their minds on the billion dollar route and promoted spending $600 million to expand RT. 29, which IDOT said was an impossibility.

If they looked into the entire political life of these two lifetime politicians, they might better understand why this State and this Country are both basically financially bankrupt.

Now LaHood gets credit for RT. 74, a highway that FOREVER divides Peoria. One highly paid consultant hired by the City of Peoria years ago stated that this highway was a major boondoggle and would stifle the growth of the City. He felt the Highway should have 'ringed' Peoria adding spokes like a wheel to City Center. He was so right as now the Peoria is the description of major sprawl.

 And, of course, he was never hired back.

Maybe Leitch, who always talked a good game while blaming the Democrats for ALL the failures in Springfield,  will get the disaster for which he was the major cheerleader, (as he was on Firefly) the previously owned State of Illinois Hanna City Correctional Center, renamed after him once Peoria County figures out a way to get out from under this half a million yearly taxpayer supported boondoggle that has no real value to anyone but the Sheriff' and staff using one small area as a shooting range. More on this later.

The City spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to promote "Eagle View Biotech Business Park" and the "Rivers's Edge Redevelopment Initiative", back in 2006. I will blog, God willing, about other ways the City wasted your money and another reason why you should vote for NO NEW TAXES.

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