Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Tom Brady Walks Out of Interview When "Locker Talk" Question Is Asked

Of course he did. As would all "HONEST' men and women who say nasty things about both genders, sorry 3 genders, often times in the broad definition of lewd talk. Groping, what is the definition of someone being groped who did not slap the groper back if HE OR SHE DIDN'T LIKE IT. Like Bill Clinton said about what is the definition of "oral sex".

He evidently liked it and she evidently liked to give it. But Clinton did it in the White House and most everywhere else and he went a lot further than 'just' oral sex. Hillary supposedly told Bill to stop it but she may just have been too "busy" politicking to be a good sexual partner.

Yeah, correct me on what Clinton really said in his defense. I dare some of my readers, like dumb and dumber, who wrote that I am and was a dumb nobody.

Maybe a nobody but one can hardly call me dumb. Then again, most everybody makes dumb mistakes. Yes, I was once arrested but the judge couldn't find me guilty. Just the media and people who hate me like Jerry and Jim Stowell, etc.


Anonymous said...

Trump didn't just talk -- he sexually assaulted women. Since you still support Trump, this is who you are.

Merle Widmer said...

Sure he did. You were there holding her down so you could be next. I videoed all of it. Why don't you use your name, you rapist?