Friday, October 14, 2016

Heddington OaksTaxpayer Owned Marketing Failure

On 10.14/11, the Peoria County Board approved the hiring of a West Palm Beach, Fla., marketing firm to promote HO. Wisely, Bob Baietto, Brian Elsasser, Brad Harding, Paul Rosenbohm and Carole Trumpe, all Republicans opposed the move citing the availability of very capable local firms who also sought the job. Mary Ardappple, an elected Republican was the lead promoter of the Democrats who all voted for the out-of-state firm.

$74,000.00 plus expenses were paid and what were the results? 37 empty beds costing the taxpayer around $6 million a year and interest on the bond amounting to an unknown millions of dollars over 30 years.

What happened, Mary, who is not running for re-election?  Maybe same thing that happened to your business??


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