Saturday, October 15, 2016

Trump - Get Back to the Basics of This Campaign - Many of Them Spin Dirt They Can't Prove and Probably Invited

Hardly anything is worse than a woman scorned. You are still a private citizen running for an office that presents itself as a nearly impossible situation. Obama is leaving this country in the worst shape since before the Great Depression. And he still has till March 1, 2017 to do far greater damage.

Bill Clinton, who hasn't shared the same bed with his wife for over 20 years, got 'sucked off'" under his desk while he was President of the USA in the White House trying to conduct the nations business,, committed adultry on many occasions while marrieds to Hillary, I don't blame him for having a separate bedroom. If I would have been married to her, I might have even had a separate house. Jack Kennedy, the Democrat's idol was in Marilyn Monroe bedroom (and Bobby too) shortly before she committed suicide. Eleanor Roosevelt moved out of FDR bedroom shortly after she discovered FDR's relationship with another woman, Eleanor then developed a "strong" relationship with her traveling companion,and the list goes on and on.

Even Eisenhower had a mistress. Petraus, the bst General in recent history, was forced out of office because of an admitted affair. Do you think most other nations who are "eating our cheese' give a damn?

Donald, get back to the basics of what is badly wrong with this country and let the shit flush back to where it is coming from.

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