Friday, October 14, 2016

Dirt- Worms - Politics

The more the "worms" crawl out of the dirt", the more men and many woman will vote for Trump. The latest Rasmussen poll show Trump leading by 2%.

Men are and have been under attack for a long time. Expect a deluge of harassment claims to start appearing in the media. By the way, many a woman including my dear sisters, tried to kiss me on the mouth. It is so easy to  turn your head.

Everybody, ask yourselves why so many women have implants to arouse sensual emotions. I've never "groped" anyone but I have been groped by women. There is such an emphasis on sex in the U.S.A. No wonder robots are being developed to do about anything.  Robots do not have emotions.


Oh I forgot. Some thirty years ago at was on a plane flight sitting next to a comely young blondish haired woman.. We struck up a conversation and suddenly I noticed that that thing between us had disappeared and she had put her hand on my knee. When we departed our flight, she kissed me on the cheek. Can't remember her name but suddenly I remember.

Her name was Clinton and she said she was a lawyer.

Gosh, I realize now that I should has filed a harassment claim. Is it too late? I can keep jogging my memory for more facts. Oh, I don't need facts? You say the media will print it anyway. My, how things have changed.


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