Friday, October 07, 2016

The "Ferguson Effect" - Is it Real?

Despite denials by "those who would lead us" the Ferguson Effect is real. Officers are afraid to use their guns against criminal minded blacks mainly because they are afraid of the negative publicity they would receive.

Is is unfortunate that those criminals that kill or try to kill are not killed themselves instead of just wounded., People of color or white such as the teen who killed the 33 year old policeman last night are still alive not only after causing such huge grief but also the taxpayers millions of dollars over the remaining years of their miserable lives.

Lack of discipline, lack of respect, no work ethic, etc., and and an overly compassionate nation has led us into a situation of which there appears to be no current solution.

If those of you that want to lead the Clinton Cabal in a further grab for power, believe that Hillary Clinton is the answer to the growing massive problems of law and order in this country then I and those who can think factually must further our efforts to create a party that can bring this country back from the nearing 'cliff of disaster'.

Trump is the Republicans last answer, just like Ripley's 'Believe it or Not'.

Trump is the most politically correct candidate possibly in the history of our country.

And, no, he never ever said ban all Muslims as a 'stand alone" statemeent, if only people could learn to read more than the sensation grabbing headlines and the first paragraph of a socialist bent media and their socialist and prejudiced reporters.

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