Thursday, October 13, 2016

Peoria Public School District #150 Raises Salaries

And benefits, and time off, and massive pensions allowing them to retire at 55 and take another job in government that always pays pensions. And retire again at 65. Don't let teachers fool you. MOST of them only teach 9 months. And even that is not true. Deduct holidays, Spring Break, Teachers fun conferences, etc.where they are certainly not teaching.

Some of the poorest teachers will complain,"but you don't know what it's like teaching today". Yes, I do, I've visited many a classroom. WHEN I TAUGHT, WE HAD DISCIPLINE. And after 5 years,  I was making $3600 a year and coaching both HS And GS sports.

My 10 years of government pays me $124 a month. And I worked 12 month out of every year, 16 hrs a week.

Vote NO more TAXES. Just  look at the results!!!!!!!

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