Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Climate Change Is Real

I've blogged that climate change has been going on ever since Earth was formed. How many times do I have to blog that there was a glacier within a few miles of the town of Eureka, Il, approximately 10,000 years ago .What caused the glacier to expand and what caused it to recede?

Al Gore, Hillary and Bill? Or Chelsea's husband?

Oh, I know. Dinosaur farts. Now glaciers are receding again because of the methane gas gas created by the ilk who go by the common name of "anonymous". They always are 'chicken-shit' types of human "beans", who never attack anyone verbally in person but thinks they can keep annoying us with BS and utter nonsense.

Yes, I read all "anonymous" comments and assign almost all of them to the garbage boxes from which they emanate.

It is amazing how many basically stupid people their are in this country mainly Democrats and Right-Wing Republicans. Their poop comes out through their mouths and part of their brain goes out where their poop should exit.

So sad. It is people like them who are heading this country in the wrong direction.

Socialism. So sad.

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