Monday, October 03, 2016

Administrator #Three Leaves PRM - Nationwide Search Will Start for #4

So the JS reports along with mis-leading information. Remember the Peoria Riverfront Museum was sold promising 240,000 visitors per year. (and an IMAX, a 15% discount for County residents and a promise of adding $16 million a year to local business. In 2015, it drew less than 160,000. It supposedly made a profit but stated "they had to draw less money from reserves (Endowment) than the year before".

A profit? Hmm. Also not mentioned is that Peoria County, who owns the PRM building, has already spent $500,000 on the building just this year through the month of June.

The object is not to make a profit but to serve the populace. They are only missing by 80,000 a year. The ball club that cost around $23 million, drew a reported 270,000 people. The Museum cost somewhere around $99 million

Peoria will someday be known as the City of "Missed Projects" and the 3nd (the 2nd home is Florida during the winter) home of dozens of out of State Consultants.

Plus the leader in all States in Committees that are formed like leaves.Anyone remember "Vision 20-20), "Disrrict #150 "Master Facility Planning Committee, formed in 2005, TRANSPORT. Southside Development Committe, COG, etc.?

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