Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Last and Final Debate - No Winner As Most Voters Had Already Made Up Their Minds

Yes, although those polled had already made up their minds, some fence-sitters probably now have made up their minds. The liberal media will make 'hash' of the Donald tomorrow on his closing statement, "I will make up my mind whether I will or will not support Hillary if elected". Of course he will support her on what she does that is best for the majority of  citizens, while being her most vocal critic on what she will do while trying to destroy Capitalism. But to say he would before a massive audience would be to tell his supporters he would support four years of  of the disasters Hillary and the Democrats will inflict on this already unstable nation.

Hillary spoke as one might a career politician would speak and Trump did not. Which should be expected. He was a businessman whose well paid advisers, did just that, advised him on every step of his his career. He took advantage of loopholes created by the 545 politicians and the millions of other bureaucrats. He said as President, he will work with his business oriented advisers (especially those who had had to meet a payroll) to close many of these loopholes. He will not close laws that allow so many of us to carry losses forward or half the people in business today would be the only survivors who never had a money losing year.

Neither will Hillary close that loophole because it is really not a loophole but a necessity. FDR did not end the Great Depression with his hoard of new governmental bodies he created. The Depression ended when WW2 started and the private sector factories went into mass production hiring untold millions of men and especially women.

I believe the debate will cause those who support Trump to support him more strongly and Vice-Versus with Hilly's supporters.

I still am of strong belief that Trump would be by far the best of two not the best candidates for POTUS.


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