Saturday, October 22, 2016

I Believe It Was Hillary Clinton Who Tried to Kiss me on the Mouth While Her Hand Was on My Knee

It was a few years ago when I was on a flight to Brazil, yes, I've walked the beach of Ipanema and seen some flesh exposed that SHOULD HAVE STAYED HIDDEN. I'm not sure if this was the time she collected $225,000.00 plus expenses to speak in Brazil to declare she would open our borders to all. The wretchedly poor, the diseased, the drug barons, the gangs, the criminal, hey, let them in and we'll all party.

At the White House, of course.There would be no such things as immigration agents. People from Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela, Mexico, Iran, Argentina, Central America, anyplace, would be able to stroll back and forth across our border.

Oh, she was talking about "free energy" flowing across our border. Gee, it's easy to get confused these day. I understand.

But I digress. Yes, I'm sure it was her now that I see her Botox face everywhere, I'm sure it was her. She said she was married to some very important politician who was a "womanizer" and she told me she was very supportive of female equality and hinted she was might be inclined to 'cheat' a little herself.. What's fair for the gander was surely fair for the goose was I believe the way she worded it. as she gave me a seductive smile. But when she stood up, I lost interest even though her hand on my knee and kiss on my cheek felt good at the time.

But now, I'm thinking. Did she molest me. Sure, probably, maybe but I don't need the publicity now so I'm not going to "press" it , this close to election. It would be so unfair to this 'nice lady".....I'd love to vote for her, but you know their are some issues on which we disagree.


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