Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Republicans - Listen Up- Support Trump or Your Party is "Dead in the Water" PROBABLY For Ever

I know a third of your party leaders are very greedy, another third is "bull-headed", I'm sorry if I insulted any bull, and the other third has more common sense and obligation to save this county than the other thirds combined.

You say you don't like him ? Join the crowd. You just like Hillary better?

You surety know that many former Republicans who are now now Independents like me, think your party is sick and maybe won't survive in the next 8 years or myaybe considerably less.

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Merle Widmer said...

STOP MAILING ME ASKING FOR MONEY. Even if I like you" I believe I like Darin LaHood, I've made my last POLITICAL donation to any Republican. Not even Trump but I will encourage all I can to vote for both.

How do you even imagine the distinct possibility of Kaine being President???